Solar Panel System Expansion

Solar panel system expansion doesn’t just mean adding solar panels to your roof. As an existing solar customer, you may find over time that your solar system requires additional equipment to meet new needs that may arise, whether that be in the form of new panels to meet increased energy demands, a solar battery to store excess storage, or a squirrel guard to protect your system from wildlife damage. There are several ways in which you can expand your solar system, and understanding these upgrades is the first step to making an informed decision – which is why we want to walk you through your options. 

Adding Solar Panels to Your System

If you’ve already made the decision to convert to solar, one of the main factors in your decision was probably the utility bill savings that comes with producing your own electricity. Most solar customers drastically decrease or even eliminate their electric bills when they install solar panels at their home, but your energy needs don’t always stay the same. You may find that your current solar panel array isn’t producing enough energy to keep up with increased energy demands. An increased use of electricity can be due to a number of things, like installing an EV charging system, working from home full-time, or having a new person move in. 

Before installing more panels to your existing system, you should consider a few things:

1. How much more energy do you actually need? 

Compare your utility bills to last year’s bills to gauge how much extra energy you’re using. This will help you determine how many more panels you should install to offset the extra energy costs. For those who initially only installed a smaller system to produce minimal amounts of electricity, you may eventually want to cover more of your utility bill and expand your system.

2. Can your inverter’s capacity withstand extra panels? 

Depending on how many panels you plan on adding to your existing array, your inverter may or may not be able to process the increased amounts of energy being produced. Installing a new inverter that can handle a larger capacity of energy is something to consider when expanding your system.

3. Does your roof have the space for more panels? Where else could you install them?

You also need to think about if your roof has the space for additional panels, and whether or not you may need to utilize a solar ground-mount. Asking a professional for their opinion is the easiest way to make a decision here!

Adding Energy Storage to a Solar System

There are many benefits of home energy storage, so it’s not surprising that many solar customers opt to install a solar battery to accompany their system. Solar batteries are capable of storing excess energy produced by your panels so that you have a backup energy source in the event of a blackout, severe weather, or several cloudy days in a row that block much sunlight from reaching your panels. For whatever reason, if the electrical grid falters, solar battery owners will be able to power their own homes with the energy they produced and stored for a short period of time. 

There are several reputable batteries on the market today, from the Tesla Powerwall to the Generac PWRcell to the Enphase Encharge, we can determine which would be best for your home and energy needs. 

Adding a Squirrel Guard to a Solar System

Because of our expertise in wildlife remediation services, one of our favorite options to protect a solar system is the squirrel guard. This netting barrier is placed between your solar panels to prevent critters from getting under them to build nests, which can potentially damage the wiring and equipment. For those that live in the Carolinas, you know all too well how many birds, squirrels, and other small animals there are in the area! Installing a squirrel guard is a way to protect your solar panel system without endangering the wildlife. 

We always recommend hiring a professional service to install a squirrel guard with your solar system. Because of the risk of climbing onto your roof, we strongly discourage attempting to put the guard on yourself. You run the risk of endangering yourself and damaging your solar panels! Sun Service Specialists’ team of solar specialists are here to help.

Solar Panel System Expansion with Sun Service Specialists

With over 50 years of combined experience in the solar industry, the team at Sun Service Specialists are no strangers to maintaining and servicing solar systems. Thanks to our dedicated solar technicians, we’re able to seamlessly incorporate any add-ons to your system, whether that be additional panels for increased electricity needs, solar batteries for energy storage, or squirrel guards to protect your system from wildlife damage. If you’re interested in any of these services, please contact us today to schedule an appointment! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make the most out of your solar system.