Solar System Assessment & Monotoring

Benefits of Regular PV System Monitoring


Regular system monitoring is designed to catch everything from a failed system component to unexpected shade and obstructions.


Outside factors like weather and wildlife can affect your system with wear and tear over the years.


Sun Service can evaluate the original promises made for accuracy, and ensure that realistic performance expectation is set and achieved.


Sun Service Specialists provide solar system owners in the Carolinas with performance monitoring services that ensure the system continues to operate at peak efficiency long after installation. While every solar site is supposed to go through extensive vetting processes before installation to assess how to operate in the most effective manner, it’s still important to maintain your system with regular monitoring to protect your investment.


Your power output is related to how well your solar panels are performing — if damaged, you won’t be able to produce as much power as you were at their peak performance ability. Everyone knows that system performance is expected to decrease slowly over time, at a constant rate.  Performance monitoring is designed to catch everything else.  From a failed system component, to unexpected shade and obstructions, and other nature driven obstacles. Because of this, Sun Service Specialists provide performance monitoring services to solar customers in the Carolinas to ensure your solar panels are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible to provide enough energy to satisfy your home’s needs.

Sun Service Specialists’ performance monitoring system will be able to find the source of the problem and immediately begin planning for a solution. Every solar array installed was done so under certain expectations of system performance. Sun Service Specialists can evaluate the original promises made for accuracy, and ensure that a realistic and reasonable performance expectation is set and achieved.


Solar panel performance monitoring for customers in the Carolinas has never been easier than with Sun Service Specialists. We understand that no two solar systems are the same, so we cater to each individual’s needs by offering customizable service packages. Solar & energy storage maintenance should be accessible to all and therefore needs to be able to meet the needs of every customer, which is why we strive to lend a helping hand wherever it is needed. Just like changing the oil on your car is important to ensuring a reliable vehicle in the future, PV performance monitoring can help to extend your system’s lifespan and maximize total energy output.

Through our maintenance services, you can be sure that your solar system will be operating at peak efficiency all year round.

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Six months after our solar panel installation, a pack of young squirrels decided to set up home under them. Quick response by Joel Robinson (Service Manager) and Lauren Padilla (Service Advisor). They generated an on-site inspection and installation of “Solatrim” critter guards before any damage occurred. Great installation team, who showed up early and did a neat, clean and very effective job. No more potential squirrel problem – ever!

Bob H.
York, SC

Lauren and the guys were amazingly professional and true experts in providing superb electrical work. They came, planned the work, sent me a reasonable and detailed estimate, and arrived on time and did a phenomenal job of wiring my garage for the Tesla Wall Connector. This was not a job I would have done by just anyone! Thanks for a great job! 

Shelby, NC

A few months ago I had a EV charger installation done by a Sun Service tech (Renu at the time). Overall it was a very good experience. The technician was polite, seemed very competent, and answered all my questions. The charger is working flawlessly. He also tidied up the work site afterwards and left it cleaner than it was when he got there. Highly recommend!

Jason G.
Rock Hill, SC

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