Adding Energy Storage to an Existing Solar System

Since you’ve already made the decision to install a solar system, you probably researched all of the benefits you’ll reap with going solar – but have you considered the benefits of energy storage? Adding energy storage to your existing solar system is a way to avoid the inconveniences of power outages that allows many solar customers the energy independence needed to continue powering their home even when the grid fails. 

What is Energy Storage?

As defined by the Department of Energy, “electricity storage devices can manage the amount of power required to supply customers at times when need is greatest, which is during peak load. These devices can also help make renewable energy, whose power output cannot be controlled by grid operators, smooth and dispatchable.” 

These devices, put simply, are large batteries capable of powering your home by storing an excess electricity produced by your solar panels. The most common battery type is the lithium-ion battery, known for its energy capacity and durability. The Tesla Powerwall is an example of a lithium-ion battery and is great for home storage needs! 

To learn more about the different types of solar batteries, check out our blog post “What Solar Battery is Best for Your Home?”

Benefits of Energy Storage Paired with a Solar System

Now that we’ve explained what an energy storage system does, here are some of the benefits that come along with installing one:

1. With energy storage, you can meet your increased energy needs.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we found ourselves spending a lot more time in the house: from working from home full-time to cooking at home more often, we had to adjust to the new normal. Homeowners were suddenly using much more electricity than normal due to the increased use of appliances, home office spaces, keeping the lights and a/c on all day long – you name it. With energy storage, you can meet these new needs by dipping into your battery’s stores and offset the extra costs that are associated with staying home all day.

2. You can save more money. 

By saving the electricity generated by your solar panels, an energy storage system allows you to utilize it when needed. Instead of having to shell out money to the utility companies during the summer months when you have an increased need for air conditioning, you can use your own storage energy to offset those costs. For homeowners in the Carolinas who know how hot it gets down here, you’ll be happy to save where you can while still keeping your home at a comfortable temperature!

3. You have energy independence and a reliable source of backup energy when the grid falters. 

One of the greatest benefits of energy storage is the added energy security it provides. The electrical grid, which is a complex system that delivers electricity from the source to utility customers, is not fail-proof. There will be times in which the grid is not operating as it should, potentially leaving thousands of customers without power at a time. This is where energy storage comes in to give you a bit of independence – you’ll be able to rely on your own stores instead of relying fully on the grid to deliver electricity to your home. This is especially useful if you live somewhere where storms are frequent or rolling blackouts are necessary to alleviate pressure on the grid. You no longer have to worry about the inconvenience of not having power, whether that be not being able to work from your home’s office, not being able to charge your electric vehicle, or all of the food in your fridge spoiling!

4. Energy storage systems can power EV charging stations. 

Residential energy storage systems are making it more convenient for homeowners to own and operate electric vehicles. By having an EV charging station right in the comfort of your home, you have a reliable source of energy to power your electric vehicles, eliminating the need to pay for public charging stations. However, charging your EV will no doubt increase the electricity used in your home, which in turn would increase your utility bills. With an energy storage system, you’ll be able to offset those costs by using the stored energy that you’ve already produced with your solar panels. 

Adding Energy Storage with Sun Service Specialists

There are many benefits of energy storage systems, especially when paired with your existing solar system. At Sun Service Specialists, we strive to make sure each and every solar customer is maximizing their solar investment, and adding energy storage to your solar panel system is an excellent way to do so. 

For those interested in the benefits of energy storage and wish to install it in their homes, we offer financing options so that homeowners are able to utilize our services based on their financial needs. Solar is for everyone – we want to allow you to pay in a way that works for you. Through our energy storage services, you can be sure that your solar system will be operating at peak efficiency all year round. If you’re ready to install energy storage, contact us today!