EV Charging At Home

The demand for EV is increasing, which means that public charging stations will only become more inaccessible. Since public charging stations are becoming more of a hassle to use, homeowners and EV owners are looking into how they can bring EV charging to their home. One main issue that prevents homeowners from installing an EV charger are their dated panels. Most homeowners will find that today’s latest EV chargers won’t work with their panels. Thankfully, there are two new solutions to this problem without having to invest in an electrical panel upgrade.


The SimpleSwitch is a solution that enables power sharing on any 240 VAC electrical panel. Power sharing is shared from a primary device like an oven or dryer, to a secondary device which is the EV charger. Both devices need to be connected to the SimpleSwitch for power sharing to work. The primary device always stays on while the secondary EV charger gets shut off while the primary device is in use. When the primary device is not in use, SimpleSwitch gets turned on to share power to the EV charger.


DCC is a power management system that prevents electrical panels from overloading when power gets sent to an EV charger. This power management system connects directly into a fully loaded electrical panel. Two kinds of DCC exist. DCC-9 is used for apartment or condo sized homes where there isn’t any additional breaker space available. DCC-9 uses an internal breaker inside the device to safely power an EV charger. The DCC-12 manages power without the use of an internal breaker, as this system is catered more towards family-sized homes. A DCC-12 can be installed inside or outside of the home. 

Which Product Fits My Needs?

Both SimpleSwitch and DCC are solutions for sending power to an EV charger without overloading a dated electrical panel. However, customers will need to choose one or the other depending on their appliances and panels. Sun Service Specialists has a team of licensed electricians that can help you choose which product best fits your needs. Visit our website or give us a call today at (888)-585-7861.