The beginnings of Sun Service Specialists


Renu Energy Solutions has been a trusted solar installer throughout the Carolinas for more than 10 years . In that time, the company has installed around 30 megawatts of solar and 4,100 systems. Over the years, Renu Energy Solutions discovered many cases in which solar systems installed by other companies stopped receiving service/support. Renu truly believes in “no system left behind”. Because of this, they wanted to make sure that everyone who chooses to invest in a cleaner future has a positive solar experience. No matter the original installer, Renu hoped to be able to serve as many people as possible.

Renu saw the need for a trusted, reliable solar service provider throughout the Carolina’s. Soon after this was identified, Sun Service Specialists was created. 

Working Together for Quality Solar System Service

In a growing industry, such as solar, trained and experienced technicians can be difficult to come by. As a result of Sun Services’ relationship with Renu, Sun Service was able to bring over employees to help. Members from both the field and management teams of Renu are driven to ensure quality service and quick solutions. 

Our team members are certified to work with systems and parts like SolarEdge, Generac, Enphase, Tesla, Sonnen, LG, REC, and Qcell. Even if you’re not sure of what system you have, our team is happy to come and look at them.

Our people stay up to speed with all of the news and developments in the ever-changing solar industry. To ensure this we work closely with all key Renu team members in a collaborative work environment. Simply put, we know what we should be working on before any issues come about. 

Sun Service Specialists’s Services

Whether you have concerns about energy production, installing an EV charger, a faulty inverter, adding a battery for power during outages, or you just have general solar questions, reach out to us today. We commonly service the Carolinas: from Charlotte to Raleigh to Charleston and everything in between!

Sun Service wants every homeowner with solar throughout the Carolinas to know we’re here for them. We want them to have confidence that their system, providing power to their greatest investment, is fully functional and efficient.

Services offered by Sun Service Specialists: 

If you’d like more information or you’d like to schedule a service, contact us today for a free consultation!