What Is A Tesla Wall Connector?

A Tesla Wall Connector is an excellent (and some would say necessary) addition to any Tesla owner’s garage. While all Tesla models come complete with their own charging cord, this method is referred to as “Level One” charging or trickle charging.  What this means is that after even extended charging time, only a fraction of the batteries will have been  charged. When it’s time for a commute, electric vehicle owners find themselves looking for nearby commercial charging stations where they have to wait for their battery to charge while being away from the comfort of their home. The convenient charging capabilities of a Tesla Wall Connector makes charging at home a breeze. However, convenience is not the only reason why a Tesla Wall Connector is arguably a must for any Tesla owner.

1. Can Be Paired With Your Solar System

More likely than not, an electric vehicle owner chose to purchase an electric vehicle to help contribute to carbon offset. When an electric vehicle owner has invested in a PV solar system for their home, they also have the opportunity to install a Tesla Wall Connector. Energy produced by the PV system is distributed through the home’s electrical main distribution panel to the Tesla Wall Connector so electric vehicles can get energy right from the Sun! Once a Tesla Wall Connector is installed in addition to a PV solar system, an owner’s home is turned into a renewable energy powerhouse.

2. Complete Overnight Charging

Most electric vehicle owners have encountered the anxiety inducing experience that comes with finding a commercial charger when their vehicle’s battery is getting low. With a Tesla Wall Connector, electric vehicle owners can leave their homes knowing their battery has enough charge for any commute.

3. Load Sharing 

Electric vehicles are like potato chips. You can’t have just one! In this case, electric vehicle owners can get multiple Wall Connectors that pull from the same electrical circuit. Solar powered homes allow for energy to be distributed towards multiple Wall Connectors. This means, multiple electric vehicles can be charged at once. With multiple Wall Connectors, taking turns to charge is a thing of the past.

4. Leave Your Mobile Charger In Your Car

Tesla’s Mobile charger is great for when you need time to recharge while out and about. The charger packs up easily and can be used with standard plugs. While this charger serves a great purpose, this charger is not intended to be the primary charger for Tesla owners. Installing a Tesla Wall Connector as your primary home charger lets you keep that mobile charger where it belongs, in your car for when you need it.

How To Get Yours

Sun Service Specialists is proud to be a certified Tesla installer and partner. As a Tesla partner, we match Tesla’s Wall Connector price and can provide you with your own unit. Along with providing the Wall Connector, our team of specialists will pair the Wall Connector with your solar system. Our specialists will get to know your system, and install the Wall Connector in a location that fits your parking needs, whether that be inside your garage or in your driveway. To learn more about the Tesla Wall Connector, visit our page today!