Wildlife Damage to Panels and Coponents

Why Solar System Service Matters

The Carolinas are home to many critters that inhabit residential areas like our roofs, crawl spaces, and yards, which is why wildlife remediation is a crucial part of our process. Protecting our community and all those that inhabit it is of the utmost importance to us at Sun Service Specialists — we maintain each solar system with wildlife and the environment in mind to ensure that we do not disturb or harm the natural habitat. 

The solar industry, at its core, was founded on the idea of sustainable systems that can produce renewable energy. We strive to uphold this value in our everyday work routine to protect our environment from harm. Because of this, we are committed to not only doing our best to prevent any damage to wildlife or the surrounding areas, but to also implementing a remediation plan if the area is affected.

How Wildlife Affects Your Solar System

Though solar panels are durable and built to last, the effects of the outdoors can wear on them over time. Birds and squirrels are particularly known for causing damage to solar panels because of their access to roofs, and while these animals are small and unassuming, they can ruin your system over time. 

Birds and squirrels tend to nest under panels and use them as a shelter, which can lead to them accidentally chewing or gnawing on wiring that can ruin the system. In addition to that, their nests can also cause a buildup of dirt, dust, and droppings that can negatively impact the system by obstructing the sun’s rays and affecting the energy production levels. Other common pests in the Carolinas that can make their way onto your roof include mice, rats, bats, and even raccoons. 

You pay for this investment with the intention of saving money and energy, so protecting your panels from wildlife is, in turn, protecting your investment.



Just like you maintain your other largest investments. Solar system maintenance will keep your system producing at its highest level.


Energy Storage

Back up the energy that your solar system generates for a rainy day. Energy Storage keeps the lights on even when the power grid is down.

System Expansion

Adding more panels to your solar can boost your energy independence and decrease your monthly bill even further.


Removal & reinstallation of modules from roof for roof maintenance due to weather and/or other roofing damages.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Regular system maintenance and panel cleaning helps a productive solar system stay healthy and continue producing for your home.

EV Charging

If you are planning on or already have an electrical vehicle. We can install an EV charger for your vehicle so that you can always be ready to go.

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