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How To Prepare For The 2G/3G Sunset

Why Inverters Use Cell Data Inverters are what convert DC energy from your modules into AC energy that is used to provide electricity for your building. Depending on which inverter your system uses, your inverter may use cell data to stay connected to your system’s...

4 Reasons To Install A Tesla Wall Connector

4 Reasons To Install A Tesla Wall Connector

What Is A Tesla Wall Connector? A Tesla Wall Connector is an excellent (and some would say necessary) addition to any Tesla owner’s garage. While all Tesla models come complete with their own charging cord, this method is referred to as “Level One” charging or trickle...

5 Solar Panel Production Factors

5 Solar Panel Production Factors

Solar Panel Production Throughout the Year Solar panel production varies throughout the year based on your location, climate, the direction that they face, etc. Whether you've already installed a solar system, or are considering it, knowing more about what impacts...

5 Ways to Maintain Solar Panels

5 Ways to Maintain Solar Panels

Tips on How to Maintain a Solar Panel System Once your system is installed, you may be asking yourself a number of questions: “How do you maintain solar panels? Do they require the same attention that a car does? A pool in the backyard? What do I need to be doing to...

4 Benefits of Energy Storage with Solar

4 Benefits of Energy Storage with Solar

Adding Energy Storage to an Existing Solar System Since you’ve already made the decision to install a solar system, you probably researched all of the benefits you’ll reap with going solar – but have you considered the benefits of energy storage? Adding energy storage...

Celebrating Earth Day 2021

Celebrating Earth Day 2021

Celebrating Earth Day at Sun Service Specialists As proud members of the renewable energy community, we at Sun Service Specialists are happy to be celebrating Earth Day! Because this industry has such a focus on cleaner, greener sources of energy, the love of our...

How to Clean Solar Panels

How to Clean Solar Panels

Step by Step: How to Clean Solar Panels   Once you’ve installed a solar system, one of your concerns might be how to clean solar panels: how often you should, why you should, what you need to do so, etc. In this blog, we’ll go through a step by step process of how to...

Introducing Sun Service Specialists

Introducing Sun Service Specialists

The beginnings of Sun Service Specialists   Renu Energy Solutions has been a trusted solar installer throughout the Carolinas for more than 10 years . In that time, the company has installed around 30 megawatts of solar and 4,100 systems. Over the years, Renu...



Just like you maintain your other largest investments. Solar system maintenance will keep your system producing at its highest level.


Energy Storage

Back up the energy that your solar system generates for a rainy day. Energy Storage keeps the lights on even when the power grid is down.

System Expansion

Adding more panels to your solar can boost your energy independence and decrease your monthly bill even further.


Removal & reinstallation of modules from roof for roof maintenance due to weather and/or other roofing damages.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Regular system maintenance and panel cleaning helps a productive solar system stay healthy and continue producing for your home.

EV Charging

If you are planning on or already have an electrical vehicle. We can install an EV charger for your vehicle so that you can always be ready to go.

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