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Commercial Solar O&M Services

After making the smart investment into solar power to generate clean, renewable energy for your business, it makes sense to maximize your protection of that system. To help, our certified, experienced experts can provide the commercial solar operations and maintenance services (O&M services) you’ll need.
The SRS Solar team will provide your business with comprehensive, cost-effective services, while meeting or exceeding industry best practices. We can monitor and analyze your system, perform key tests, and repair or replace parts as needed for optimal power generation. Schedule your service today!

Baseline Testing Services

SRS Solar will review your commercial solar—its design and installation—to ensure its quality. We will check to see if it meets the specifications of the original project, whether it’s generating the specified amount of power, and otherwise check the system’s health and performance.

Data collected from this process will allow us to compare your system’s performance at any point going forward against this baseline information and respond appropriately.
When results indicate a need for maintenance or repairs, we’ll proactively address this cost effectively. If results show that the solar system is operating at maximum capacity, this will provide you and your company with peace of mind.

  • Underperformance Assessments
  • Solar Panel Cleaning & Performance Optimization

Proactive Solar Maintenance

Overall, commercial solar systems require low levels of maintenance, such as cleaning solar panels. It’s important to address any small issues that arise, though, so repairs can occur when they’re at their most cost effective. This is no different, really, from your company’s plumbing system or HVAC. Studies have shown that the overwhelming majority of solar systems perform largely as expected (with more than half having the potential of performing even better than anticipated) when solar owners carefully monitor their systems and then make timely repairs.

  • Solar & Energy Storage Maintenance
  • Wildlife/Environmental Damage Remediation & Prevention
  • Solar Panel Cleaning & Performance Optimization

Ongoing Monitoring

Baseline testing is just the beginning of our commercial solar O&M services. We will then continue to monitor your system’s operations, comparing results to baseline data and responding appropriately. Data about your system’s energy generation, energy consumption and more is sent to the cloud where it can be analyzed and stored.
We can analyze this data for your company, reviewing it at a high level as well as in multiple granular ways—then make targeted recommendations, when needed, to optimize energy use.

To discuss how we can help with your company’s solar system throughout its entire lifecycle, contact us online or call 704-525-6767 today. 

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Underperformance Assessments

Warranty Claims Management

Quality commercial solar systems usually come with good warranties, with a typical one looking like this:Quality commercial solar systems usually come with good warranties, with a typical one looking like this:• 25-year solar panel warranty• minimum of a 15-year racking warranty• minimum of a 10 year-inverter warrantyHaving a good warranty is step one. Then it’s important, when issues arise, to have the right data and coverage specifics at hand when reaching out to the warranty holder. Our experienced team can take the lead to ensure that manufacturers honor your warranty and respond in a reasonable timeframe. The data and documentation that we carefully keep for our commercial solar O&M clients allows us to present your claim in a succinct way that can help you benefit fully from your coverage.

  • Full Repair & RMA Services
  • Troubleshooting & Component Replacements

Besides offering these services to individual businesses, we also provide O&M services and more to solar companies who want to enhance their client offerings, as well as to finance and utility companies. Throughout the rest of this post, we will describe services as if they were being offered to a single business, but our services are much broader than that.

Best Practices for Commercial Solar O&M:

The US Department of Energy provides best practices for solar planning, installation, maintenance, and repairs—and we at SRS Solar adhere to each of them. Overall, they include:

  • Proactive plan: It’s crucial to carefully craft one and then use it as a blueprint throughout the solar system’s lifecycle; when tweaks need to be made to the plan in response to a situation, these also need careful consideration.
  • Continuous improvement model: This involves creating key performance indicators (KPIs) that focus on reducing costs, optimizing performance, and creating backup plans.
  • Unexpected downtime: A plan will be proactively made to seamlessly transition into for continuing power.

Technological advances: Because businesses can typically rely upon the same solar system for decades, it’s normal for new technologies to continue to emerge during your system’s lifecycle; these can be strategically incorporated to maximize your system.

Commercial Solar O&M Services

Besides offering solar O&M services for individual homeowners, our SRS Solar team also offers them to solar companies who want to enhance their client offerings, as well as to finance company and utilities.  Solar finance companies are often dependent on solar contractors to provide perpetual service and troubleshooting. When an energy system fails or underperforms, customers are left with the unexpected costs of higher utility bills and system repairs in addition to their loan payments. When this occurs, late or suspended payments, and even default becomes more likely.

Why does your company need a dedicated O&M Partner?

Asset Protection

Our team of experienced Solar Technicians are fully trained and certified to analyze, test, repair and replace every component of your commercial solar system. Our service technicians have deep solar energy experience. Ours is a comprehensive and cost- effective Solar Service O&M program.

Industry Certifications

  • NABCEP Certified Installers
  • Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer
  • Generac PWRcell Installer

Optimal ROI

Cleaner, well-maintained solar panels ensure a greater return on investment. Our O&M experience is extensive and covers a comprehensive selection of services from preventative maintenance to monitoring of system performance and health. You can’t place your investment in better hands.

New Commerical Solar Energy Systems

If your company is planning to invest in solar, we can provide customized recommendations and solutions, ones where solar O&M will be integrated at the heart of the system. This includes in the selection of equipment, proper site preparation, appropriate commissioning of the system and more.

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